Adventures at the zoo

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A busy day at the zoo for residents of Riversway Nursing Home included spotting animals and eating ice creams.


A group from Riversway visited Bristol Zoo and spotted fish, plenty of animals including monkeys, penguins, seals, lions and gorillas as well as model dinosaurs.


Of course there was time for a spot of lunch and an ice cream too!


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20 years of care at Riversway

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Bristol’s Riversway Nursing Home opened its doors to friends and family recently as it celebrated its 20th anniversary.


The purpose-built nursing home, which offers care for people with a wide range of physical needs, including younger people, has spent two decades at the forefront of quality care in the region, and a series of special activities took place to mark the milestone.


Musical entertainment included an accordion player, singers, an acoustic duet and brass band. A magician also visited to demonstrate some tricks.


Visitors to the Crews Hole Road home included senior staff from Springhill Group, with founder and chairman Ken Nolan giving a speech looking back over 20 years in business.


Residents and staff took part in activities outside and inside the home, throwing sponges at staff members in one particularly popular game.


The home was decorated with garlands for the day and funny photo opportunities were available, with photo slideshows telling the story of Riversway’s history so far.


Jan Wilkins, General Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see so many people celebrating this milestone in Riversway’s history and enjoying themselves so much.


“Our staff have played such an important role in this success and we can’t thank them enough for their support over the years.

“The care sector has changed so much in 20 years, and we’re looking forward to the next 20 with excitement and enthusiasm.”




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Poetry in motion

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We put our creativity to the test recently at Riversway Nursing Home when we challenged ourselves to come up with some poems.


After enjoying reading limericks and rhymes we decided to put pen to paper and write our own. It was a lovely activity that kept us focused and busy reminiscing about old memories.


You can see the poems we came up with below, titled Swishy Sea, Daydreaming and Hop Scotch Memories.




Swishy Sea

Sand and seashells at the beach,
Sunny sky ice cream and pie
Playing catch trying to reach,
at the beach.

If you've got a fin
It's easy to swim.

Building sand castles
we carry everything in a bag with lots of flag.

Relaxing sea breeze
Make us feel cool, refreshed and at ease.

Sparkling golden sand blue, grey and white
Only one thing left to say: what a delight!


I always liked
riding my bike
go and see all the sights

Salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper
leapfrog like a leopard.

Bouncing, dancing and prancing,
skipping and cartwheel flipping.

Swing high in the sky
and daydreaming I fly.

Hop scotch memories

A lovely walk through the snuff mill park
"Go back home before it gets dark!"

Catching fish in the tinkling stream...
Splish, splash, splosh
and still feeling posh.

I think I am going to lo lose my marbles,
everybody sing See-saw Marjorie-Daw!

See-saw Marjorie-Daw
Johnnie shall have a new master
he shall have but a penny a day
because he can't work any faster


A full day at Riversway

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A busy day for residents of Riversway Nursing Home included a relaxing stroll along the river.


The group headed out to see herons, and try some tasty blackberries and mulberries. Later on in the day people also had a chance to get their creativity flowing with some landscape painting.


A wonderful, relaxing day for us all.




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Pamper session at Riversway

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A group at Riversway Nursing Home spent time getting pampered and enjoying some make up.


A number of residents treated themselves to facial mud masks, creams and even some colour. A pleasant time was had by everyone reminiscing about times they wore makeup in the past, and enjoying the feeling of being pampered.


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