Vegetable art fun

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We have a lot of creative residents at Riversway, and recently spent time combining our love or art with our love of wholesome tasty food.


The lifestyle team held an activity involving vegetable printings and stampings, and before we could start there was a lot of preparation to do.


First we had to get the vegetables ready, from potatoes, celery and okra to peppers, mushrooms and lemons – anything that could make an interesting pattern.


There was a truly impressive display of vegetables on hand, as we created unusual shapes, along with stars and stripes, bushes and flowers.


By the end of the activity we were left with some wonderful works of art.



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‘On trend’ with fashion exercise

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For the lifestyle team at Riversway Nursing Home, activities are an important way to help residents stay happy and healthy.


But these activities don’t have to be for large groups – often more intimate and even one-to-one activities are best.


Recently residents Mac and Jacque found a common interest in fashion and spent time reading, cutting and decorating while enjoying cups of tea.


It turns out both ladies also have a love of animals, in particular horses, so they had plenty to talk about together.



Happy 60th Birthday Sally

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Sally, our assistant manager and a very popular member of staff, was given a birthday surprise recently.


Sally will celebrate her 60th birthday in a few days, and we made sure balloons and a loud chorus of Happy Birthday to You was in order for her.


Sally is such an important part of life here at Riversway, and always has a kind word for everyone.


Congratulations Sally – you’re the best!




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Forget me not

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Residents at Riversway Nursing Home in Bristol spent time helping to design a beautiful poster to advertise an upcoming ‘Forget me not’ café.


The café – to be held at a future date and open to both residents and family members – will be hosted within Riversway Nursing Home and to prepare for the occasion we needed a colourful poster.


So residents got together to paint their own forget me not flowers – nobody will miss the bright poster once it’s up on the wall.


Currently we are finalising the details of the café, so keep an eye on news from Riversway for more information.







Keeping fit with Yoga

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At Riversway Nursing Home we all understand how important it is to keep a healthy body and mind.


We enjoy regular sessions of light exercise, and plenty of stimulating activities for the mind.


Recently we took part in an unmissable training session involving some healthy yoga, with residents getting into the spirit of the occasion and thoroughly enjoying it some gentle movement.


Everyone was in agreement that the yoga session was fun.





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